Hi I'm Fiona Brown from the Paua room. The attached picture is of "The class of 2010" from the olden days event we had
(I don't always dress like that).

I love teaching at Plateau because of the wonderful families that we have at this school!   I have been teaching at Plateau for over ten  years now.  This was my first full time teaching position after getting my B Ed. at the end of 2001.
I have one son, named Adam who is 21, and he is currently in his second year studying at Massey University, extramurally.  He is doing a Science degree majoring in Sports and Exercise.
We both share a great passion for football and both support Manchester United.  Seeing as I was born there, I was a "red" before I even knew anything about it.  Adam plays for the Upper Hutt Club and last season they had such a successful season that they are now in the Central League, which is BIG TIME STUFF!!   You will always find me on the sideline supporting him with great vigour!
At home we have two dogs - one dog "Woody" is a large dog and he will be one in March.  The other dog "Charlie" is a small dog - a Yorkshire terrier, and he turns two in September.  Even though Charlie is the smaller of the two dogs, he appears to be the boss and is always bossing Woody about.