Effective Date: 4 May 2017


It is to the students' advantage that we plan activities for them out of our school environment. 

Activities include       - Sport Activities

                                    - Social Functions

                                    - Cultural Activities 

In order to continue these activities, remuneration for parents who use their own cars and time to assist us with transport is required. 

The remuneration is not intended to cover the wear and tear, but will be a contribution towards the cost of petrol.  This ‘Act of Appreciation’ will help to keep parents involved, particularly when it is the same parents volunteering for all activities. 

All activities requiring the use of private transport must be approved by the Principal. The Principal is responsible for ensuring that the safety checks as noted at the end of this document are completed. 

For short distance trips, such as Upper Hutt, no financial contribution will be made. For trips beyond that distance the amount will be set by the Principal in discussion with the teacher/s involved. 

Safety Checks

The teacher/s organising the trip will ensure the following safety checks occur for the vehicle being used: 

That the car has a Current Warrant of Fitness and is registered.

That the driver has a valid full license for the vehicle being used, and is licensed to carry passengers.

That there is a safety belt for each student carried.

That the parents of the students involved clearly understand and have agreed to the children travelling under these terms.