PR 9-4


Reviewed: 4 September 2012

Definition of Assets

Property plant and equipment that are held by Plateau School for the supply of educational services and have been acquired to be used on a continuing basis. 


Registers of minor assets are kept in order to have a record of assets in the event of loss or damage such as fire or other emergencies. 


In addition to the asset register a minor register will be kept for specific curriculum areas where there is consistent expenditure. 

Curriculum areas that will have a register are:

  1. Sports
  2. Music
  3. Library
  4. Maintenance equipment
  5. Computer software 

Those responsible for a specific curriculum area (eg Sport) will prepare an initial list of assets for that area.  These registers will be reviewed annually.  These will be reviewed by the Bursar.  

A hard copy will be made of the library register every three months and given to the Bursar. 


To ensure that we have a register of minor assets in case of fire or other emergencies.