Appointments Policy



Effective Date: 30-October-2018

To assist in the appointment of quality staff to any vacancy which may arise, appointment committees with expertise relevant to the vacancy will be selected to carry out the appropriate appointment procedures.

Appointment of the principal is the responsibility of the board which will determine the process.

The principal must ensure that they determine the composition of the various appointment committees according to the schedule outlined below:

  1. Appointment of the deputy-principal or assistant principal will involve an appointment committee consisting of the principal, the board chair (or delegate) and a further trustee (should the board feel the need to include one).
  2. Unless determined otherwise by the board, appointment of all other teachers, part-time teachers, long-term relieving teachers, and non-teaching staff will be the responsibility of the principal in consultation with the board chair or delegate where deemed necessary
Incorporate Equal Employment Opportunities (EEO) and workplace diversity into all appointment procedures.

Review schedule: Triennially