Effective Date: 19-Sep-18



To provide an organisation of the school day which is convenient for the school community and enhances learning. 


  1. To maintain routines and order in school life.
  2. To promote the habit of routines in the lives of students.
  3. To balance learning time and leisure time. 

Broad Guidelines

      8.15am School opens – if a student arrives at school before 8am they will be put in Out of School Care and charged appropriately.

 Bell Times:                

       8.45 am Start school

      10.30am Break

      11.00am End of break

      12.00pm  Fruit break

      12.15pm  End of fruit break

      1.15pm Lunch

      1.25pm Lunch play

       2.00pm End of lunch

       3.00pm End of school

       3.50pm Kaitoke bus 

The school is not responsible for students who remain at school after 3.00pm or who return to school after going home.  However, the school is responsible for students who wait for scheduled buses or who are enrolled in Out of School Care.