Effective date: 29-May-09


First contact with a new family is very important to ensure positive relationships develop.


To provide a set of consistent enrolment procedures.

When Prospective Parents First Visit the School

Office Staff, Principal or Deputy Principal:

  1. Establish that the family live in the designated school zone
  2. Tour the school.
  3. Introduce to Year 1, 2 or relevant teacher if available.
  4. Issue with relevant New Entrants forms and prospectus, or just a prospectus if an older child.
  5. Advise parent when visits can start and time school starts.
  6. Inform them you will need to see the student’s birth certificate or passport.
  7. Add to list of Expected New Entrants.
  8. Fill in visiting starting date, room number and room totals on Expected New Entrant list.

First Visit

Office Staff to:

  1. Take student and parent to room.
  2. Introduce to teacher.
  3. Sight and photocopy birth certificate or passport.
  4. Ensure all forms are completed (including visiting form).

Starting Date

Office Staff to:

  1. Write their enrolment number, class number, year and teacher on enrolment form.
  2. Write date in school stamp and date box at bottom right of form.
  3. Write in Register of Admissions and Withdrawals their name and enrolment number in the alphabetical list at the front (for quick reference).
  4. Write their full details in current year’s page.
  5. If the student is transferring from another school, request their school record cards by either faxing or emailing the request.
  6. Record what date records were requested in the Register of Admissions and Withdrawals.
  7. Fill in the information card with all details and file in the brown file box (for teachers’ reference).
  8. Enter student onto Musac Student Manager.
  9. Enter the student into ENROL with in 5 school days.
  10. Enter phone number on phone list (this will need to be updated and printed regularly).
  11. Add extra number to newsletter list (unless the student has an older sibling at the school).
  12. File their emergency evacuation form in the appropriate folder and add name to emergency list in the front of that folder.
  13. Add name to Emergency Drill Class List.  (This will need to be updated and printed regularly.)
  14. Add name to Trip Form and Merit List on computer.
  15. Add name to Six-Year Net List on computer (if new entrant or under the age of 6).
  16. Get Principal to sign enrolment form above date in school stamp and date box.
  17. Give copy of enrolment form to teacher.
  18. File original of enrolment form in blue cabinet.
  19. 3rd copy, collated and then sent to Dental Clinic approximately once per term.
  20. When records are received from other schools, record date in Register of Admissions and Withdrawals.

Out of Zone Acceptance

For out of zone applications refer to Plateau School Enrolment Scheme