Effective Date: 10-Mar-08



It is necessary for teachers and support staff to keep up to date in all areas that affect students educational learning and the school operation. 


  1. To provide an organisational frame work which allows areas of education needs, both community and individual, to be targeted and improved.
  2. To provide a budget for relievers and courses which the Principal will allocate based on the development needs as identified by staff and BOT.
  3. To ensure that all members of staff are given the opportunity to update their knowledge through in-service training and course opportunities, according to the professional development cycle.
  4. To ensure that over a school year there is a fair and equable spread covering areas and people. 


  1. Each year the Principal will facilitate a Staff Professional Development Cycle.
  2. Each year a Professional Development budget will be approved by the BOT, taking into account the needs of the school, the individual professional development and the finance available.
  3. As part of the Appraisal cycle, staff will identify areas requiring development, and propose ways of doing this.
  4. The Principal will ensure that there is an equitable share to cover the school’s needs.