Effective Date: 10-Mar-08


The Board of Trustees and staff are required to comply with the Privacy Act 1993 in all aspects of the collection, storage and disclosure of information relating to individual students and all staff of the school. 


To promote and protect individual privacy with regard to:

  1. The collection, storage, use and disclosure of information relating to individual students.
  2. Access by each parent to student information held by the school.
  3. Information relating to appraisals and staff personnel records.
  4. To ensure that the school’s procedures comply with the Information Privacy Principles contained in the Privacy Act 1993. 

Privacy Officer

The Principal will be the Privacy Officer for the school. The duties of the Privacy Officer include:

  1. Regularly reviewing information held relating to individuals
  2. Ensuring compliance with the guidelines with regard to the information collected after 1 July 1993
  3. Dealing with all requests for information from other persons/agencies. 

General Guidelines

There are 12 key principles relating to personal information contained in the Act (personal information is defined as “information about an indentifiable individual”).  They are known as “Information Privacy Principles” (IPP’s).

  1. Purpose of collection of personal information.  Personal information will be collected only for a purpose connected with the function of the school, and only where collection is necessary.
  2. Source of personal information – As far as practicable, personal information will be collected from the individual concerned.
  3. Collection of information from individual - When collecting personal information from an individual, reasonable steps will be taken to ensure that the person is aware of:
    1. the fact that information is being collected and the purpose of the collection
    2. the intended recipients of the information
    3. the consequences of refusing to provide the information
    4. the right of access to and correction of personal information.
  4. Manner of collection of personal information - Personal information will not be collected by unlawful, unfair or unreasonably intrusive means.
  5. Storage and security of personal information - Reasonable steps will be taken to ensure that all personal information is protected against loss, unauthorised access and misuse.
  6. Access to personal information - Parents and caregivers are entitled to access to information about their children.
  7. Correction of personal information - Where personal information is held the individual concerned shall be entitled  to
    1.  request correction of the information;
    2. and  To request that there be attached to the information a statement of the correction sought but not made.
  8. Accuracy, etc., of personal information to be checked before use - An agency that holds personal information shall not use that information without taking steps to ensure that the information is accurate, up to date, complete, relevant, and not misleading.
  9. Information not to be kept for longer than necessary – if teachers do not wish to retain their own files the information contained in them will be destroyed after a period of two years.
  10. Limits on use of personal information – the school, if it holds personal information that was obtained for one purpose, shall not use the information for any other purpose unless
    1. the information is a publicly available,
    2.  that the use of the information is authorised,
    3. or that non-compliance is necessary
    4.  or That the use of the information for that other purpose is necessary to prevent a serious and imminent threat,
    5. or that the purpose for which the information is used is directly related to the purpose for which the information was obtained;
    6. or that the information is used in a form in which the individual concerned is not identified; or is used for statistical or research purposes and will not be published in a form that could reasonably be expected to identify the individual concerned; or that the use of the information is in accordance with an authority granted under section 54 of this Act.
  11. Limits on disclosure of personal information – information shall not be disclosed unless the school believes
    1. That the disclosure of the information is one of the purposes or is directly related to the purposes in connection with which the information was obtained;
    2. or  that the source of the information is a publicly available;
    3. or the disclosure is to the individual concerned;
    4. or the disclosure is authorised by the individual concerned;
    5. or that disclosure is required under the law;
    6. or that non-compliance is necessary for any of the other reasons contained in the Act.
  12. Unique identifiers – not applicable to Plateau School. 

Staff Personal Records Guidelines

  1. Only material related to school and personal professional matters will be kept on these records.
  2. Members of staff will be advised by the Principal that they have a personal file which can be accessed at any time.
  3. The Principal is permitted to access all materials.
  4. When any material of a Personal Professional nature is to be added, the staff member concerned will receive a draft copy, which may be modified before permanent entry is authorised.
  5. BOT access to these files can only be permitted with the authorisation of the Chairperson in consultation with the Principal and knowledge of staff member involved.
  6. Staff members will be given their personal file upon finishing their employment.
  7. Personal files must be kept in a secure place.
  8. If staff members do not wish to retain their files, the files will be destroyed after a period of two years unless there is information with regard to disciplinary or competency procedures.