Effective Date: 10-Mar-08


Performance management is a process by which the work performance of employees is evaluated. 

The purpose of Performance Management is to:

-   assure that the learning opportunities for students remain effective;

-   enable employees to be evaluated for their effectiveness in achieving school goals and objectives and in maximising learning opportunities for all students. 

What is Involved?

There are two distinct parts to our Performance Management system. 

A   The first part is our Appraisal System, in which the appraisee and the appraiser have a      common understanding and agree, wherever possible, on:    

  1. The performance expected of the appraisee, expressed through specific performance expectations, objectives, or both: 

-        areas for support and new initiatives;

-        the support and assistance to be provided to the appraisee to achieve the performance expected, including any improvements or new initiatives;

  1. The process for monitoring actual performance (that is gathering evidence over the appraisal period to feed back to the appraisee);
  2. An evaluation of how well actual performance over the appraisal period compares to the performance expected of the appraisee;

B    The second part of our performance management system is our Classroom Observations based on the requirements of the National Standards for Teachers. 

Before any observations take place, both observer and the observee will have agreed upon the specific performance standards, which are going to be observed.  These Performance Standards will come from criteria based on the National Standards for Teachers. 

Plateau School has a generic teacher standard requirement for all classroom teachers. 

Who is Responsible for Managing the Performance Management System?

The Principal is responsible for managing the Performance Management System.  However the Deputy Principal may be called on to assist with classroom observations 

The Principal will be appraised by the Chairperson of the Board of Trustees. 

Time Frame 

Appraisals                   - Feb/March      November/December 

Classroom Observations and Feedback- April           July/August       November/December 


Appraisals – Prior to the first appraisal meeting, teachers will have completed the PM document number 1.  This is a self-evaluation sheet, which covers an evaluation of each curriculum area.  Teachers are expected to give an evaluation of their own skills in each curriculum area.  This includes their knowledge of each specific curriculum, their skills in delivering each specific curriculum, and their ability to assess their students’ level of learning in each specific curriculum.  This documentation will contribute towards the appraisal and also to long term planning for staff development. 

At the first appraisal meeting, teachers will set individual targets in teaching (including assessment), professional goals, communication, and the corporate life of the school.  This documentation is to be completed on the PM document number 2. 

At the first appraisal meeting, teachers will write their specific responsibilities and the tasks for each responsibility. This documentation will be completed on the PM document number 3. 

Classroom Observations –All classroom criteria will be observed as listed in the teachers standard document.  These are highlighted on the PM document number 4.  All criteria require supporting documentation.  At the conclusion of the observation, there will be time for feedback and this will be documented. Should there be any concerns staff are given time to address these issues before being re-observed. 

Records of Staff Development – Records of staff development will be maintained and reported to the BOT at monthly meetings by the Staff Representative. 


All documents relating to the Performance Management system are confidential. 

All documents will be copied and a copy given to the people concerned and the original documents will be filed in the Principal’s office. 

If a teacher does not wish to retain their file, the file will be destroyed after a period of two years unless there is information with regard to disciplinary or competency procedures. 

Disputes Procedures

-   Opportunities exist for staff to appeal judgements, made as a result of classroom observations.

-   All appeals to the Principal in writing within two-week period of receiving feedback.

-   The appealing staff member is to document aspects of the review that they disagree with.

-   If matter still not resolved, the appealing staff member  can take their appeal to the Board of Trustees Chairperson for independent review and decision.