Effective Date: 19-Sept-18



To ensure the safety (and supervision) of children within the school grounds. 


  1. To provide a visible presence so that children feel safe.
  2. To provide assistance to any child in need.
  3. To ensure smooth harmonious tone in the playground.
  4. To facilitate the orderly departure of the school buses. 

Broad Guidelines

  1. a)   Duty teachers must be in the playground 10.30am - 11.00am, 12.00pm - 12.15pm,  1.15pm - 2.00pm and supervise all buses after school.
  1. Duty teacher must be mobile and cover all areas where children are playing.  Teacher will be available for general welfare in playground and ensure behaviour is appropriate and resolve disagreements where necessary
  2. In case of accident, duty teacher will request another teacher to assist so playground is not left unattended.  The accident will be dealt with appropriately. The accident will be recorded in the accident register.
  3. Duty teacher checks classrooms and hall on fine days to make sure all children are outdoors.
  4. When duty teacher finishes a split duty they will ensure the next teacher is ready to take over.
  5. Duty teacher needs to be aware of the purpose of any other adults in the playground.
  6. Duty teacher is responsible for getting students to wear hats in playground in summer.  Students not complying spend their play and lunchtime in porch shade.
  7. Duty teacher carries around a small supply of first aid supplies.
  8. Any students misbehaving are sent to the staffroom for appropriate consequences.
  9. After school, in case of wet weather, students line up on the veranda nominated by the duty teacher.  Proceed to front gate when bus arrives.
    1. Duty teacher to ring bell at 3.40pm for the Kaitoke bus and students to line up.  Proceed to gate and wait for buses.
    2. Student’s line up for Birchville bus beside staffroom as soon as they are dismissed at 3.00pm.  Bus departs 3.05pm.
    3. A daily roll is kept for all students travelling by bus.