Effective Date: 09-Mar-10



To ensure the school is staffed adequately at all times. 


As soon as a staff member knows that they will not be in, they need to notify the Deputy Principal, before 7am on the day, so that a reliever can be arranged.

Teachers must be on the school grounds at least ½ hour before school begins and ½ hour once school finishes, unless otherwise arranged.

All staff absences are recorded in the absentee book and the Payroll Center is notified in our weekly returns.

Extra leave with or without pay needs to be approved as per procedure Staff Leave (PR-6-18).

Up to 10 non-contact days may be used at the Principal’s discretion for school organisation or staff development.

Teaching staff are to notify the Principal or Deputy Principal if they need to leave the school grounds during the school day.

During class time teachers are required to be with their classes unless specific arrangements have been made with another teacher to take responsibility for the class.