Effective Date: 06-July-17



Appointment of high quality teaching and support staff is a key activity in the maintenance of an effective school. 


  1. To provide for a varying level of professional and Board of Trustee input in the decision making concerned with staff appointments.
  2. To maintain consistency, fairness and the principle of being a good employer in all appointments procedures.
  3. To ensure matters of equity are acknowledged and addressed in all appointments.
  4. To allow for shared decision making and consensus in making appointments decisions. 

Broad Guidelines

  1. All permanent vacancies are to be advertised as soon as possible in the Education Gazette.
  2. All applicants are to receive on request an outline of the position and a description of the school.
  3. All permanent appointments are to be made by the Appointments Committee (refer below) and the Board of Trustees notified.
  4. This Appointments Committee will consist of the following members:

For Basic Scale Permanent Positions:  The Principal, Deputy Principal / Staff Representative, Chairperson of the BOT or their representative.

For Deputy Principal:  The Principal and Board of Trustees Chairperson, and a nominated Board of Trustees member.

For Principal’s Position:  Chairperson, nominated Board of Trustee Member, Staff Representative and an outside Professional Adviser.

  1. The Appointments Committee will follow the NZEI Guidelines when making all appointments.
  2. All confidential documents relating specifically to an applicant are to be returned or destroyed as soon as an appointment is confirmed by the Board of Trustees.
  3. The Staff Representative is expected to convey to the Board any recommendations from staff concerning appointment of the Principal.
  4. All persons appointed to teaching positions will be required to be registered teachers or gain provisional teacher registration.

Short Term Relieving Positions – 2 Terms or Less

Appointments can be made at the discretion* of the Principal and confirmed by the Board of Trustee Chairperson, or their delegate.

Appointments for periods exceeding two terms must follow the appointment procedures as per the guidelines above.

*Discretion means in this instance, that the Principal doesn’t necessarily have to advertise for the position or require approval of the Appointments Committee.