Effective date: 4 September 2012

  1. School is made aware of an incident and advised to implement ‘lockdown procedures’.
  2. Verbal message to classrooms from office.
  3. Alarm activated. Two long rings of the bell and message sent through teacher mobile phones.
  4. When a teacher receives a lock down text message they will endeavour to inform the neighbouring classrooms if safe to do so. 

 If students are in class:

 Teachers lock all doors and if possible barricade them.

  1. Turn out lights and cover windows, if possible, by drawing curtains and blinds.
  2. Keep students out of sight.  Position all students in the part of the room which is least visible from windows and doors. 
  • Students need to be silent.
  • Have students lay on floors, against walls or under furniture.
  • Do not let students outside.
  • Staff are to take a roll of those students in their secure areas for later accounting. 
  1. Stay in the LOCKDOWN position until the “all clear” is given. 

If LOCKDOWN occurs between classes or during interval: 

  1. Students go to their classroom.
  2. Follow LOCKDOWN procedures as above.