Effective Date: 4 September 2012, 

Reviewed 9 September, 2016


As a school we will work jointly with parents to ensure that students are aware of the risks of skin cancer and that the necessary precautions are taken. This is effective between 10am and 3pm, Terms 1 and 4.  


All students must wear protective clothing that covers the shoulders, sunsmart hats and at least 30+ sunscreen. 

Children without suitable sunsmart hats that cover the neck, ears and face will have to remain in a shaded area.  

It is the joint responsibility of the students, parents and the school to make sure the students are Sunsmart, through education and informal discussion.

Parents will be notified of our Shady School Policy when enrolling and regularly throughout the year.

Students will eat lunch inside or in the shade.

Sunsmart education programmes will be taught in all classes at all levels each year. 

Sun shades will be erected over the playground equipment and beach garden during terms 1 and 4.

All staff will role model sunsmart behaviour

Outdoor activities and extra curricular activities will be planned with consideration of shade

We will review this procedure at least every 3 years.

Daily UV, lesson plans and all sunsmart information can be found: