Effective Date: 4 September 2012


To have a record of accidents that occurs so that we can refer to the records when necessary, and safety improved.

To build up a picture of where accidents occur, why they occur and the severity. 

By recording possible causes of accidents and implementing preventative actions, we may be able to take steps to ensure the accident will not reoccur.

Periodic review of registers by the Board of Trustees is to occur at approximately 6-monthly intervals.


All accidents requiring medical attention will be recorded in the Accident Register which is kept in the medical room.  These details will be included:




Student Name

Nature of accident

Location of accident

Reason / Hazard / Other Participant


*Severity 1 – 4

Preventative Action

Staff Initials.


* Severity         1 – Very minor (i.e. paper cut, prickle, etc.)

                        2 – Slightly more severe (i.e. graze, small cut, etc.)

                        3 – Required more medical treatment (i.e. severe graze, steri strips, etc.)

                        4 – Severe (i.e. requires doctor or hospital treatment.

 Note 1:  In the case of head injuries, other than minor accidents, parents must be notified.  Where parents cannot be located and there are major concerns, we will take the child for medical attention or call an ambulance. If a parent or emergency contacts cannot be reached a member of the office or teaching staff will take the student and if applicable make medical decisions in relation to the student on the advice of the medical personnel. 

Note 2:  In all cases where broken bones are suspected, an ambulance must be called.