Effective Date: 4 September 2012


To ensure that the medical needs of the staff and students are met. 


  1. To provide sufficient medical supplies to meet the needs of the school under provisions of Health and Safety Code of Practice - State Primary Composite and Secondary Schools.
  2. To provide an area for medical treatment. 

Broad Guidelines

  1. Protective gloves must be worn when dealing with body fluids or blood.
  2. To inform parents/caregivers of any child who sustains an injury that may require further treatment, observation or is unwell, as soon as practicable.
  3. The administration staff will have overall responsibility for the medical room.
  4. Bedding to be washed when necessary.
  5. The teacher(s) of the student(s) concerned need to be informed when the pupil is sent home due to illness or injury.
  6. If a student requires the services of a Doctor/Hospital, parents will be informed.   If a parent or emergency contacts cannot be reached a member of the office or teaching staff  will take the student and if applicable make medical decisions in relation to the student on the advice of medical personnel.
  7. An up to date record of any injury shall be entered into a medical record book that will be kept in a prominent place in the medical room.
  8. The staff member responsible for leaving the student in the medical room is also responsible for ensuring that the student is supervised.
  9. Children are to seek adult help when needing to use the medical room.
  10. In cases of head injury parent/caregivers will be notified as soon as possible.
  11. The school will ensure that current first aiders are on site during normal school hours and that at least one adult attending camp is also current.