Effective Date: 4 September 2012


The school community will understand and use appropriate emergency drills.


To ensure that the school community understand what to do in an emergency.

To ensure that regular emergency drills are carried out. 


During an emergency teachers are to wear their high visibility jackets.

Fire Drill - A continuous bell is the sign that a fire drill is required.  Teachers will:

-         Decide safest exit from class to field opposite netball court away from rooms.  If in hall exit from side doors.

-         Close classroom door.

-         Check toilets nearest to classroom.  (ie Tuatara Room – girls, Kiwi Room – boys etc.)

-         Administration staff will bring registers and confirmed absences

-         Administration staff will bring staff, visitor & reliever lists and check everyone listed is accounted for.

-         Each teacher will call the roll when assembled on field or concrete.

-         Notify administration staff when roll call completed - either all accounted for or names of children missing.

-         Once all rooms have reported back, administration staff will notify principal if all present or names of anyone unaccounted for.

During an earthquake drill the school community will:

-         teacher will give order to drop, cover and hold.  

-          where possible, students are to go under a table and hold the legs of the table or use a door jamb if necessary. 

-         backs to windows

-         move to assembly area on field when teacher decides it is safe to move

-         take roll call as before

-         if outside stay where you are - drop, cover and hold.

If students are under an adults care, other than the classroom teacher, at the time of the emergency, then the same procedures apply.  Students are to be brought directly to the assembly area and instructed to join their classes.

Adults will check toilets and work rooms in their vicinity.

A school roll is kept in the office in case of an emergency occurring at morning tea or lunch time.  The closest staff member should bring this roll to the evacuation area and distribute class lists to teachers as they arrive.  These rolls must be updated regularly (every new arrival - departure).

Emergency drills will be carried out at least twice a year

Evacuation of students is to follow Evacuation Notice for Parents, refer appendix below.

Appendix to 5-6: Notice to Caregivers regarding Emergencies

      (please keep this notice at home)

     In the event of an emergency:

We are prepared to care for your children in times of critical situations.  In an actual emergency, we ask for your help in the following areas:

-  Please do not telephone the school - we must have the lines open for emergency calls.

-  Following an earthquake or other emergency, do not immediately drive to the school - streets and access to our school may be cluttered with debris.  The school access route and street entrance areas must remain clear for emergency vehicles.

-  Do turn your radio to the local radio station.  Information and directions about the extent of the emergency will be given over the radio.

-  No student will be allowed to leave from school unless a parent (or individual designated by a parent) comes for him/her.

-  No child will be allowed to leave with another person, even a relative or babysitter, unless we have written permission to that effect, or that particular person is listed on the student's emergency card in our files.

-  All parents, or designated people, who come for students, must have them signed out at the Student Release Station at the entrance of the school yard.  Signs will be posted from the driveway if an alternative location is necessary.