Effective Date: 4 September 2012


The school will put strategies in place in the event of a death that impacts on the school so as to ensure that the best possible help is available to both teachers and students. 


  1. The school will aim to provide support during the grief process.
  2. The school will aim to provide accurate information should a death occur.
  3. Be aware of appropriate courses of action and agencies who may be able to assist, eg “Seasons for Growth”, Resource Teacher of Learning and Behaviour, counsellors, Victim Support.
  4. Any announcement will be released by the Principal and the Board Chair.
  5. Following the event of a traumatic event parents will be provided with information concerning signs of distress in their children.
  6. The welfare of the children in the school must be the matter of paramount concern, and, in this regard, consideration will need to be given as to how to tell them  (eg the classroom setting is preferred to that of a school assembly.)