Effective Date : 4 September 2012


Each board of trustees is also required to:

(a) provide a safe physical and emotional environment for students;

(b) promote healthy food and nutrition for all students; and

(c) comply in full with any legislation currently in force or that may be developed to ensure the safety of students and employees.


Plateau School aims to

-   provide a safe physical and emotional environment for students; and

-   to comply with all current legislation and codes of practice which ensures the safety of students and employees. 


-   to provide a safe and healthy learning and working environment for students, employees, and visitors to Plateau School

-   to promote the long-term health of the Plateau School community by demonstrating care and concern for self, others and the environment. 


  1. The school will have written management procedures that are actively practised and regularly reviewed for compliance.  These will include:

-         sexual, physical and emotional abuse

-          protection from communicable diseases

-          protection from identifiable hazards, eg weather, sun, road safety, emergencies, field trips, equipment, structures

-          adult conduct in the school, eg  parents, visitors, teachers

-          providing a healthy learning environment

-          student management

-          medical room

-          the Occupational Health and Safety Act and other Health and Safety legislation and their implementation at Plateau School.

-         Emergency plans and drills

-         Accident reporting and investigation

  1. Risk Analysis Management Systems (RAMS) for education outside of the classroom will be part of management procedures.
  2. Management procedures will reflect current legislation.
  3. Compliance reporting is documented in National Administration Guideline 4.

5.      The BOT will ensure a Hazard register is maintained  and that it is reviewed by the nominated Board Representative. 


The school will have a set of implemented management procedures which will result in a safe and caring physical and emotional environment for the Plateau School community.