Reviewed:  4 September 2012


To provide comfortable surroundings in which staff feel they can relax and interact with other staff members, and visitors when appropriate.


  1. All staff members are responsible for the staff room environment.  A staff member is also responsible for purchasing basic requirements (tea, coffee, sugar, biscuits and cheese) and will be reimbursed for expenditure.
  2. Staff are responsible for loading the dishwasher and unloading the dishwasher.  Those people using dishes when the dish washer is full, are responsible for their own washing, drying and putting away.
  3. Dirty tea towels will be washed by staff members.
  4. The staff room is to be a welcoming place and the facilities are to be available to parents and visitors.
  5. The staff room is not to be used to store items belonging to staff which are no longer needed.
  6. Students entering the staffroom, are encouraged to knock and wait until acknowledged by a staff member.
  7. All staff are responsible for answering the phone in the staffroom.