Effective Date: 4 September 2012


There are to be regular staff meetings for organisational and staff development purposes to ensure effective communication in the day to day running of the school.


  1. Full staff meetings will be held every Monday from 3.15pm – 5.00pm and an administration meeting every alternate Thursday morning at 8.15am.
  2. Minutes are recorded collaboratively and recorded on Google Docs..
  3. All staff are expected to read the minutes.
  4. Staff need to use their own judgement regarding whether some things need to be brought to the attention of the whole staff.  Some items can be raised through other avenues, eg syndicate meetings.
  5. Visitors will be part of the meeting from time to time as part of our staff development training.
  6. Full time teaching staff are expected to attend meetings unless an emergency arises.
  7. Part time staff are expected to attend as negotiated.
  8. Staff members must use discretion regarding confidentiality.

Other Meetings

  1. Syndicate meetings will be held at a set time and day on a weekly basis unless deemed unnecessary.  Minutes are recorded collaboratively and then recorded on Google Docs.
  2. A week’s notice will be given of any other meetings where possible.