Effective Date: 4 September 2012 

School visits offer an experience for the child and parents to assist with the child's transition to school.

Children may begin school  visits one month before their 5th birthday, during term time.  Before visits commence the parent/caregiver must fill in a Visiting Form.  On the first visit children may stay until 12.30.  This visit will preferably take place on a Friday (other days by negotiation only).  

During the week before their birthday, we encourage children to have an extra full day visit. 

Caregivers are welcome to stay on the first visit if they wish to.  However, we have found that on the second visit children usually settle better if caregivers leave as soon as the 8.45am bell goes.

For subsequent visits, students may bring their lunch and stay until 3 o'clock.  These visits may alternate between Fridays and another weekday to enable the student to experience different routines.