Effective Date: 4 September 2012


To provide quality care for children outside school hours. 


To care for children whose parents are not available to care for them before and/or after school, in a safe and secure environment.  The programme aims to provide a safe and stimulating programme which caters for the children’s different ages, sex and cultural backgrounds while attempting to encompass individual needs and interests. 

The safety of the children is the paramount consideration during programme provision. 

Copies of these procedures will be available to parents at all times. 


The programme will provide a well-managed service that meets the needs of the local community and covers its own costs. 

Programme Hours

The programme will operate from 7.30am to 8.30am and from 3.00pm to 6.00pm daily during term time, Monday to Friday during specified weeks of the primary school term.  The programme will not operate on public holidays, or as notified in the School newsletter.


Fee details are available from the school website, school office or from out of school care staff.   

The daily fee structure will be announced prior to enrolment.  There is no ¼ hour charge, the minimum is ½ hour. There is a penalty charge for those children picked up after 6.00pm.  This is $10 per child.  This goes to the Supervisor.  

Fees are structured such that a permanent user pays less than a casual user (i.e attendance is 2 days a week or less). Discounts are incorporated into the fees for families with two or more children attending. 

Finances will be administered by the School office and will be audited yearly through the Plateau School system.  The supervisor is responsible for keeping a record of attendance and ongoing financial records for the families using Out of School Care.  All money received must be recorded in writing.  Monies owing for fees owing should be paid to the school each Monday, or by arrangement. 

Enrolment Procedures

All families must complete an enrolment form and sign a parent contract before the child can participate in the programme.  It is the parent’s responsibility to inform the supervisor of any changes.  Only students currently attending Plateau School or past students can attend Out of School Care. 


The programme will ensure staff and child confidentiality.  At all times the programme will comply with the requirements of the Privacy Act 1993. 

Drop Off and Pick Up

Parents or people collecting children from after school care need to make sure the Supervisor is aware they have picked up their child.  

Parents of regular attendees are expected to contact the school office before 2.30pm if their child will not be attending on their normal day/s.  Likewise, parents who wish their child/ren to attend on a casual or emergency basis are expected to contact the school office prior to 2.30pm if they wish their child to attend. 

The following steps will be taken if a child does not arrive:

  1. School grounds will be checked.
  2. Teachers will be contacted for absence information.
  3. Parents will be telephoned.
  4. If parents are unavailable, emergency contacts will be telephoned. 

If a child is not collected at the end of the day, the following procedure will be followed:

  1. A staff member will remain with the child.
  2. Parents and emergency contacts will be contacted.
  3. If there has been no contact with the parents within 15 minutes of the programme closing, the Principal or Deputy Principal will be contacted to arrange care of the child.  A note will be left at the school indicating where the child has been taken.
  4. Parents will be charged a late pick-up fee of $10. 

Staff will not release a child to a person who is not identified on the enrolment form.  Parents must inform the school office if a person who is not listed on the child’s enrolment form will be collecting the child.  If an unauthorised person comes to collect the child, parents will be contacted for authorisation. 

Written permission must be given for children to leave the programme unaccompanied. 


If any person has a complaint about the programme or staff members the Plateau School Complaints Procedure should be followed. 

Children with Special Needs

Children with special needs will not be excluded from the programme, providing that the supervisor is confident that the child’s needs can be catered for without negatively affecting the other children and also to ensure the child will benefit from being at the programme. 

Programme Content

The service will provide a safe, varied and stimulating programme that meets the emotional, intellectual and physical needs of the children. 

Children will be encouraged to participate in planned activities but may choose not to, as long as they are not bored or disruptive.  

Equipment will be well maintained and will be age appropriate. 


Afternoon tea is supplied at After School Care. 


Out of School Care will be run by one Supervisor.  The programme operates a 1 to 15 adult to child ratio, eg when more than 15 students are present, another staff member is employed.  At all times there are at least two adults on the school site – one being the supervisor and the other the school cleaner, or the Principal. 

The supervisor is responsible for ensuring that staff are rostered so that all children are supervised at all times.  Children will be in view of staff at all times when appropriate.  Children must remain within school grounds at all times and must inform an adult when they are going to leave the area (to go to the toilet, etc). 

Formal attendance records will be kept and head counts will be made regularly during the sessions. 

Health & Safety

The programme will take place in a safe and healthy environment, suitable for the care of children and for the needs of the staff.  At all times the well-being and safety of the children is foremost.  All relevant legislation will be adhered to.

Health and Safety procedures and policies are as for Plateau School. 

The supervisor will ensure that the outdoor play areas are safe and that there is an adult supervising the children while they are outdoors. 

At least one person present must have relevant first aid qualifications. 

At least one school toilet will be open for students and these are cleaned daily by the school caretaker.  Out of School Care staff are expected to use the staff toilets. 

All Out of School Care staff have access to the telephone in the school office.  Out of School Care has a file with current information about each child’s health and emergency contact details and persons with permission to collect children. 

Should a child be unwell at Out of School Care the supervisor will contact emergency contacts and arrange for the child to be collected. 

Should the supervisor suspect that any child is being abused they are expected to immediately pass their concerns onto the school Principal for follow-up. 

All accidents at Out of School Care will be recorded in the school’s accident register located in the school medical room and a record kept of procedures and actions.  A first aid kit is available in the medical room. 

Any hazards noted by Out of School staff are to be reported to the Principal.  Out of School Care facilities will be assessed at the same time as the school for a Warrant of Fitness and evacuation plan. 

Smoke Free Policy

Plateau School is a smoke free zone and smoking is not permitted in the school grounds. 

Accident, Emergency & Disaster Procedures

Accident, emergency and disaster procedures will be as for Plateau School’s procedures.  Emergency procedures are on display in the Out of School Care room.  Assembly area is on the netball court. 

Behaviour Management

Children’s behaviour is expected to be of the same standard as during school hours with any serious misdemeanours reported to the Principal.  Programmes will be designed to ensure that children and families experience an environment where they are safe, secure, respected and their dignity is protected.

If a child behaves inappropriately at Out of School Care the Committee can refuse this child access to the programme. 

Staff & Volunteers

The programme will ensure quality care is provided through fair and consistent recruitment procedures, and the supervision of all staff.  All relevant legislation will be adhered to. 


The selection and recruitment of staff is the responsibility of the Principal, in consultation with the supervisor.  If a person  is going to be employed at Out of School Care, referees will be contacted and a police check will be undertaken. 

Staff will be provided with a job description and an employment contract. Records are kept on each person employed at Out of School Care.  

The Principal is responsible for undertaking disciplinary action and for ensuring that it is in accordance with all relevant legislation.  If a staff member is not performing adequately every reasonable effort will be made to help them understand the problem and to improve.  Staff will be given two verbal warning and one written warning clearly stating the problem, the measures required to improve performance and a time frame in which this is to occur.  If there is not sufficient improvement the staff member may be dismissed.  

Staff may be suspended pending further investigation if they are accused of:

  • any form of sexual, physical, or psychological abuse
  • failing to observe School procedures so that a child is injured or placed in serious danger.

If the complaint is upheld the staff member may be dismissed.  


Effective Date: 4 September 2012



All Out of School Care employees must ensure that all students at Out of School Care are treated fairly, and in particular when dealing with situations involving their own children.

The supervisor must know at all times where Out of School Care children are.   If children are playing outside they must be supervised.  The staff arenot responsible for other children who are at school. 

There is to be one staff member employed for each 15 children attending Out pf School Care.   If there are not enough workers rostered on a particular day, the supervisor will arrange additional help.


Children must clean and tidy up after themselves.  Children should only eat if they are sitting down and drink on the lino area.  If they move furniture, it must be put back.  All sports equipment must be returned to its proper place and not left lying around the school. 


Health & Safety

Supervising staff must ensure that outside areas to ensure are safe and that there is an adult supervising any children playing outside. 

If you have any concerns about a child’s wellbeing (during or outside Out of School Care) raise these concerns with the Principal.

 - Staff can use the staff toilets in the main block.  Out of School Care children must use the students’ toilets.

Afternoon Tea – Afternoon tea will be provided at After School Care.  Afternoon tea will be prepared before the students arrive at 3.00pm.   


The supervisor is required to record the names of all children attending Out of School Care including her own, for health and safety reasons.  Records must also be kept of the time children arrive and leave the programme each day.

If a student is not picked up by 6.00pm contact the parent/caregiver.  If they are not available contact the emergency contacts listed on the enrolment form (also inform the principal or deputy principal).


Staff are not permitted to have friends visiting whilst they are working at Out of School Care.

Closing Up

The last person to leave the school, ensure that all electrical fixtures are turned off and that all windows and doors in Weta Room  are securely locked and the alarm switched on.


Should anyone have a complaint about Out of School Care refer them to the Plateau School Complaints Procedure.


  • Children must be supervised at all times.
  • Children must use the same behaviour at Out of School Care as they do during school hours, eg no swearing, no fighting, no put down, and they must show respect.  If the behaviour of any child in Out of School Care is of concern advise the Principal.
  • A written record must be kept of all monies received.
  • All equipment must be returned to its correct place.
  • Door to Weta Room must be kept closed if the heater is on.
  • Try to be close by when parents pick their child up, as they must speak to an Out of School Care employee when they collect their child, as a safety precaution and the time they leave recorded.
  • If you wish to have a cup of tea or coffee, please do this before the children arrive at 3pm.  The children should not be left unsupervised even for short periods.
  • People who leave their child occasionally or just once need to pay in a timely fashion when invoiced.
  • Failure to pay for Out of School care may result in further action being taken at the discretion of the Principal and/or Board of Trustees.
  • Weta Room must be kept tidy with games put away by the children.