Effective Date: 12-May-08                                                                    


To ensure the administration area is used appropriately. 


  1. To provide a reception area for visitors.
  2. To provide an efficient work area for the clerical staff.
  3. To provide a good first impression of the school.
  4. To ensure that all people entering the school grounds have a suitable reason for being there. 


  1. Visitors should first report to the office to acknowledge their presence and identify themselves.
  2. Each visitor to the school needs to sign the visitor sheets as they come through the administration area. They need to state their time of arrival, their business, and record the time they leave.
  3. Any person on the premises without due cause, will be asked to leave and if they do not the police will be informed.
  4. A prominent sign identifying the office shall be displayed.
  5. Students are able to use this area when necessary.
  6. Samples of students’ work will be displayed and changed regularly in the foyer.
  7. The foyer is to be kept tidy and presentable.
  8. Toilet facilities in the administration area are for adults’ use only or as approved by Teaching staff..
  9. The administration area is not to be used as a thoroughfare.
  10. Access ways to and through the building should be kept clear.