Effective Date: 10-April-2017


To ensure that equipment and resources are used with maximum efficiency and benefit to users. 


-   Each class has a variety of devices including iPads, Chromebook computers and Android handheld devices.

-Teachers and children are responsible for the day to day care of the devices and teachers should alert the IT Technician of any maintenance requirements as soon as possible.

- The server computer hard drive is backed up each Friday during term time and a copy taken offsite.

Colour Photocopier, Laminator and Bookbinder

-   These are located in the administration area and are available for authorised use. 

Language Resources (Resource Room)

-   Most language resources are located in the Teacher Resource room.

-   A system of coloured pegs operates; eg Room 1 has a yellow peg.

-   Remove books and journals only – not the box.  Only Kit boxes and Mixed Ability boxes may be removed.

-   All books must be returned after use and at the end of each term.

-   It is the teacher’s responsibility to see that books are returned to the appropriate place.

Language Resources (Library Office)

-   The school has a comprehensive library and staff and students can issue books via the computer.

-   Big books are available for classroom use.

-   Each class is entitled to a library allocation for classroom use. 

Topic Resources

-   Topic resources are stored in the Teacher Resource Room.

-   Teachers must use discretion when using these resources and must return them to the appropriate place.

Other  Resources

-   These resources are stored in various locations throughout the school including the resource room.  Some maths resources remain in individual classrooms.

-   Resources borrowed must be returned ASAP to originating location. 

PE Equipment

-   PE equipment where possible is stored in the PE Shed and is the overall responsibility of one staff member.

-   Gymnastics equipment is stored in the back of the hall.

-   One PE equipment trolley is stored in the hall

-   Swimming equipment is stored at the back of the pool area in the pool cage trolley. 

-   Teachers need to ensure that the equipment they use is returned and the shed is neat and tidy.

-   Students from Ruru class take responsibility for the allocation of equipment to students at play and lunch times and for the return of the equipment.

-   Each student in the school is allocated a named card which they present when getting equipment out.

-    The students with responsibility for the sports shed need to ensure all equipment is returned and if not to follow this up.

Audio Visual Equipment

-   Interactive whiteboards are located in all classrooms.

-   Students using valuable equipment must be supervised by an adult. Teachers are responsible for teaching their students the appropriate use of these.

-   Any malfunctioning equipment must be reported to the IT Technician.

-   The hall AV system is stored in the wall mounted cupboard.