Effective Date: 31-Aug-10 


The knowledge, skills, and attitudes that students need for addressing real-life issues and in real-life contexts are seldom found within a single learning area.

We will organise learning programmes that integrate understandings, key competencies, and values across a number of learning areas through student inquiry. These will build on existing good practice, interests, and strengths and utilise local opportunities, resources, and community support for better outcomes for all students.

We will ensure that the major areas; Social Sciences, Health and PE, Science and Technology are covered over a three year cycle. 


To add depth, and provide authentic situations for students to learn in context.

As a whole school we will plan together on shared outcomes. Our aim will focus on:

  • Planning with a focus on outcomes
  • Planning for the development of the key competencies
  • Planning for purposeful assessment.
  • Planning for coherent pathways.


Assessment will be based on the big question and student inquiries. This could lead to individual pathways of study. The initial big question is set by the staff and linked to the major achievement objectives. Subsequent questions are developed by individual classes according to their level and needs. The way in which we assess will be flexible and in response to new information, opportunities, or insights to new information that occur during the learning.


An integrated learning environment will provide our students with a broad, rich and balanced curriculum. It will set the direction for learning for all students while at school and will ensure that when they leave, they are equipped for lifelong learning and for living in a world where continual change is the norm.