Procedural Document

Effective date: 14-Aug-07 



To learn to understand, appreciate, and move their bodies, relate positively to others, and demonstrate constructive attitudes and values, students will engage in games, sport and physical recreation activities. 


  1. To present sport to our students in a way which maximises participation, to ensure fun and enjoyment, security and satisfaction.
  2. To provide leadership, which is capable of inspiring social, emotional, intellectual and physical growth.
  3. To be aware of and promote the positive contribution sport can make to the lives and learning of our students.
  4. To provide appropriate facilities and resources for the safe and effective delivery of sport.
  5. To promote fair play.
  6. To utilise the resources within the community. 

Recreational Equipment guidelines:

    • Equipment will be kept in the PE shed
    • Students wishing to borrow equipment must present their own name tag before any equipment is issued.  The official name tag is placed on the assigned nail.
    • Equipment is available for five minutes after the bell and must be returned five minutes before the break ends.
    • A hand bell is rung to tell students it is time to return equipment.
    • The recreational equipment will be the responsibility of one teacher.
    • Monitors are responsible for keeping the area tidy and ensuring equipment is returned.  Monitors will report broken or lost equipment. 


All students will be given the opportunity to participate in sports and recreational activities.