Procedural Document 

Effective date: 14-Aug-07



As part of a world wide community, students need to develop skills and abilities which will aid their understanding of themselves, others, and their world. Students need to understand that their interactions have a wide impact on others in society.


Students gain knowledge, skills, and experiences that help them to understand, participate in, and contribute to the communities in which they live and work. Students engage critically with societal issues, explore the unique nature of New Zealand society and its bicultural heritage.


See Planning and Assessment Procedural Document, and the Integrated Curriculum Procedural Document.


Our students will understand:

  • Relationships that exist between people and their environment.
  • The past and present and to imagine possible futures.
  • Their place in the economic world.
  • And explore people’s values and perspectives and participate in social decision making.
  • How to undertake social action as critical, active, informed, and responsible citizens.

This helps them identify their place and that of others in relation to their heritages and in their relation to New Zealand’s multicultural society and its global context.