Effective date: 25-July-17


    To identify at risk 6 year old students in Literacy and raise their level of achievement using the Reading Recovery programme.


1. To cater for the lowest achieving 6 year olds when tested on Marie Clay’s Observation Survey,     as spaces become available.

2. To accelerate the progress of those students up to level 18 / turquoise reading level.

3.  To ensure individual classroom programmes are tailored to suit the needs of the reading recovery students.           

4. To identify the progress of students and those students who are still ‘at risk ’.

5. To provide a support system for teachers catering for students on the programme, and students who have completed the programme but are still at risk. 


1. All students in the school will be tested on the Observation Survey when they are 6 years old.

2. Monitoring and records are to be kept current in the Reading Recovery Register until the child         leaves the school.

3. Copies of this data are available to teachers concerned.

4. Progress of discontinued students is to be monitored. This will be undertaken by the Reading     Recovery Teacher in the first term of the student’s discontinuation and by the classroom teacher     thereafter.

5. End of year monitoring for current and ex-students will be undertaken by the Reading Recovery     teacher for a period of three years after discontinuing.

6. Observation of reading recovery sessions is available for all staff and parents of students on the     programme.

7. Parents and staff will be kept informed of the progress and goals of the programme.

8. An overview of the programme will be presented to the Board of Trustees and the staff at the end of the year, showing the progress of students who have completed the Reading Recovery programme.

9. A transfer form will be enclosed with records when a child transfers – Reading Recovery Teacher will be made aware of child transfer by the classroom teacher.

        10. Data will be entered on the MoE website for each student’s time on the programme.


    Students that have completed the Reading Recovery programme will operate at level 18 / turquoise reading level.