Effective date: 17-April-2017



Our library will provide a welcoming environment that supports learning and teaching in the school’s curriculum. It encourages life long recreational reading and supports information literacy development.


  • To create a stimulating, accessible learning environment in which students develop an enthusiasm for information and an enjoyment of reading.
  • To provide centralised access to resources that support the school’s teaching and learning programmes and student’s recreational reading interests.
  • To provide a variety of opportunities for students and staff to develop information literacy using a wide range of resources and information technologies.
  • To reflect the National Library Service guiding principles of: Information Literacy, Service, Reading, Access, Information Resources and Place. (See attached guidelines)

See guiding principles.


Our library will be a stimulating place for the school community to access and use resources to support informational and reading needs.  Students will leave our school having had the opportunity to appreciate reading for pleasure and become informed, independent researchers able to apply their skills effectively.

Guiding Principles

  • Information Literacy

-        The Library Staff collaborates with teaching staff to actively encourage and support the development of a school-wide, cross-curricular information literacy programme.

  • Service

-        The Principal will provide leadership and support by documenting library development in the school’s Strategic/Annual Plans and policies.

-        The Board of Trustees will provide funding, staffing and ongoing training.

-        Job descriptions, performance appraisal and professional development will be available for all library staff (TLR, Librarian) and comply with Ministry of Education requirements and employment contracts.

-        Student Librarians and volunteer helpers will be trained and supervised to assist with the daily operation of the library.

-        The TLR will have financial responsibility for the library and will be required to monitor and maintain spending within the allocated budget.

-        The library will support the school’s equity goals and commitment to the Treaty of Waitangi in its facilities, resources, services and programmes.

-        The TLR will present an annual report on progress made in implementing the Library Management Statement and Library Strategic Plan and a record of expenditure to the Principal and BOT.

  • Reading

-        The library will be used to support reading and literacy development at all levels, across the curriculum.

-        The library staff will co-ordinate an annual programme of reading and promotional activities (Book week, Book Fairs, Nationwide Book Awards) to raise the profile of the library within the school community.

  • Access

-        The library will be open and available during school hours and timetabled with fixed and flexible timetable options.

-        Classroom teachers will have responsibility for supervising classes when using the library.

-        The library staff will ensure that the library catalogue provides easy and accurate access to school-wide information resources.

-        Standardised systems of operation, including cataloguing, processing, and issuing of resources, will be established and maintained according to the guidelines in the Procedures Manual.

  • Information Resources

-        The library staff will co-ordinate the planned development of the collection in accordance with the Collection Management Statement, with priorities established in a Buying Plan. 

-        Criteria for selecting and weeding resources, and procedures for handling donations and handling complaints will be documented in the Collection Management Statement.

-        Library users are made aware of their responsibilities under the Copyright Act (1994) and the school’s Internet Use Agreement.

-        All teachers are responsible for making effective and appropriate use of outside resource agencies, organisations and individuals, such as the National Library, to supplement the school’s resources and for promoting these to students.

-        A stocktake is completed annually, complying with Ministry of Education requirements and guidelines.

  • Place

-        The school has a designated, centrally located library.  The facilities, furniture and equipment will be well-maintained and comply with health and safety regulations and provide a welcoming and dynamic environment supportive to students’ learning and cultural needs.