Effective date: 01-May-2018


We value the input of our Maori community, it will have positive outcomes for the success of our Maori students.

Our expectation is that our Maori students will achieve success at a rate equal to or above other students.


All Maori students will be assessed using the criteria for the rest of the school in all curriculum areas.

If any learning problems are apparent, then a means of suitable intervention will be decided upon. 

All teachers will use a variety of delivery modes and teaching styles. 

Teachers will consult with the parents of our Maori students in a way that is non-threatening and a manner that encourages our parents to want to share in their child’s learning.  We will only have succeeded with consultation if our Maori parents have been listened to. 

We will use the support agencies offered at the local marae when deemed appropriate.  When possible Maori support agencies will be used to work with our parents. 

We will consult with our wider Maori community bi-annually with regard to the general curriculum that we offer. 

All teachers will use a programme of Tikanga Maori in their classrooms that validates and affirms Maori students in the school. 

We will encourage full participation on the Board of Trustees by the parents and whanau of our Maori students. 


Our Maori students will achieve success and will benefit from their schooling at Plateau School and go on to become confident and active participants in society.