Curriculum Delivery Policy


Effective Date: 17 May 2016

Plateau School will encourage and advance student learning and achievement by continuously developing the Plateau School Curriculum and providing teaching and learning programmes based on this.  

Our School Curriculum will be based on the current New Zealand Curriculum; the vision of what we want for our students and our values.

Delivery of the curriculum shall foster student progress and achievement and meet all board expectations and legislative requirements. Therefore the principal must ensure:

  1. achievement of the Charter aims and targets

  2. compliance with the National Administration Guidelines

  3. there is a focus on the national priority groups of Maori, Pasifika and students with special learning needs in school planning and reporting

  4. that board approval is sought before changes to the school curriculum requiring increased expenditure or significant changes to programmes or staffing are made

To ensure the continuous improvement of our Curriculum delivery we will:

  1. Gather information on student achievement through a range of assessment practices, maintain individual records and report to parents and the community.

  2. Implement programmes based on this assessment information which address the learning needs of all students, and in particular those who are not achieving; or who are at risk of not achieving, and those who have special needs1.

  3. Develop and promote school's plans and targets for improving the achievement of all students (including Maori students in consultation with the school's Maori community).

The board will be provided information on overall student achievement, and achievement in specific areas, on a regular basis.

In addition, we will have a set of implemented management procedures that will underpin the delivery of the school Curriculum.  These procedures will include, but not be limited to:

  • Achievement of Maori Students

  • Education Outside The Classroom

  • Equal Education Opportunities For Students

  • Reporting To Parents

  • Student Achievement Objectives

  • Special Needs

  • Student Management

Review schedule: Triennially

1 Including gifted and talented students