Reviewed: 12-April-2018


This school views the education of its students as a shared responsibility between the parents/caregivers, the community and the staff.

Effective consultation will ensure parents, students and families/whanau feel:

  • valued
  • listened to
  • respected

Our community is identified by:

  • staff        
  • students
  • families
  • extended families
  • Local Playcentre/Kindergarten/childcare/Kohanga Reo
  • other education networks
  • local community
  • Maori community 


Consultation with our community will assist learning and teaching by:

  • Promoting shared values and beliefs.
  • Encouraging students, parents and teachers to have high expectations of student achievement.
  • Encouraging the community to support and participate in the life of the school.
  • Recognising the needs of the individual student.
  • Ensuring that parents and whanau have relevant input.
  • Participating collectively in supporting and encouraging the learner, thereby enhancing their achievement.
  • The school encourages an effective partnership between itself and the community.
  • We will utilise the expertise of parents and people in the community.
  • The Principal will have overall responsibility for overseeing any people involved in the school.
  • Staff, after consulting with the Principal, may organise any resource personnel who may be suitable in enhancing classroom instructional programmes.
Consultation will occur with our community as defined above.

Consultation may form the basis for

  • future directions
  • decision-making
  • encouraging a positive school culture
  • ways in which student achievement can be presented
  • deciding priorities for additional curriculum development.

Issues for consultation can include:

  • Health programme review (as required)
  • Strategic planning
  • Relevant issues, eg capital works, acquisition of major resources
  • Issues which concern students
  • Issues where input from the community is valued

Consultation will occur with our community via Surveys, Public meetings, School newsletter, Home & School, website and face to face meeting, and will include a formal annual review.

Our Maori community will be consulted by an annual hui.

Reporting on consultation shall be included in the annual report.

Community consultation will be specific, relevant, planned and appropriate feedback given.