The Board of Trustees

The BOT is responsible for the general well being of the school, including building maintenance, financial arrangements, community liaison, and meeting the day to day needs of both children and staff. They are elected for a 3-year term. They are representatives and are pleased to assist families new to the school with special needs. Meetings are held approximately monthly.  See the school calendar and newsletter for the next date.

In June 2016 our Board agreed on a code of ethics that we abide by: Code of Ethics.

Click here to access our complaints procedure.

If any member of the school community would like to add something to the
agenda or attend the meeting, please contact the Board Chair on

 Tim Hewitt (Chair)
 Glen Manson  
 John Henare

 Sarah Byrne  
 Scott Waldrom

 Cath Brattle
(Teacher Rep)
 Terri Boote

Nigel Frater